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Ever had a romantic getaway gone horribly awry? I sure did, and you can read about those debacles here, here, and here.

But this year I’m on a roll. Last summer while we were at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, I asked my lady friend to become my Official Awesome Girlfriend…and she said “Hell yeah!” In the 5.5 months since, we’ve taken my convertible MINI on a ton of romantic escapades. Our latest was a ski trip in Whistler this week. And for our 6th romantic getaway in a row, our trip went super well.

Highlights included:

– skiing Whistler/Blackcomb like fiends

– après -ski dining at Araxi restaurant. It has a great oyster bar, plus chef James Walt is a wizard at taking local, 100-mile ingredients, and piling them into Wee Slices of Heaven. My favourite was the House Smoked Organic Pork Tenderloin wrapped in proscuitto and served with an apple-mustard glaze. So good, I wanted to scoop out my eyes to better savor all the deliciousness.

ziptrekking through towering, snow-capped, and lichen-draped Douglas Fir trees of the Pacific coastal temperate rainforest.

– draping ourselves in luxury at a private suite at the Pan Pacific Whistler and their sexy mountain-view hot tubs. The Pan Pacific’s tubs are brilliantly located slope-side, so you can wave at the skiers and snowboarders as you drift in bliss with your lover.

As we floated in the hotel hot tub and basked in the winter solstice sun, we added up the ways that our lives are truly rocking. Or in other words:



10) She gets you a candy cane-flavoured Starbucks cake pop on the way to your resort, and you get her one on the way home.

9) When everyone else is surfing, jet-skiing, or snowboarding, you two slip into your hotel hot tub where you drink fine scotch, puff on Cuban cigars, and take Facebook profile photos of you two grinning your faces off.

8) You do death-defying stuff like skydiving and cliff jumping over a giant, rocky waterfall, just so you can see the excitement in their eyes, and not kill them off for the insurance money like your second husband that time in California.

7) As you drift through the charming local Costa Rican village, you suddenly realize you’re both grinning at everyone you see. So you simultaneously throw your heads back and laugh, and she says, “And then they threw their heads back and laughed, and laughed, and laughed.”

6) You play Scrabble and all the words are naughty.

5) You only click on the TV by accident, when one of your naked body parts slams onto the remote.

4) You get room service to bring you emergency rations of oysters and vitamin E.

3) You’re so loud in bed, the couple in the hotel next door (a) gives you the sarcastic slow clap, (b) bursts into spontaneous applause, or (c) invites you over for friendly cocktails.

2) You refuse to get out of bed when the maid is cleaning your room.

1) If you picked the right person, it doesn’t matter where you are…or what else is going on… you’re just grateful for the chance to spend time with him/her and everything you do is fun and magical [even if you have so much fun, you end up ziptied and interrogated by the hotel security staff under a naked light bulb in a windowless room].

– Ken Hegan

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Thanks to SS, John G, Dave D, Andrea S, and Drew T

Ken was a guest of Pan Pacific Whistler, Araxi, and Tourism Whistler