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The vacuum-sealing Pumpack

I’m a notorious over-packer.

The only way I can excuse my space-wasting packrat mentality is by convincing myself that I’m a big strong fella who actually enjoys an invigorating workout every time I lug my monstrous-sized bag onto a bus, train, or airport check-in scale

But I’m changing my ways; this year I will bring less baggage. And to help me achieve this resolution, I’m getting this vacuum-packed suitcase called the Pumpack.

Pumpack space saved
This clever rolling suitcase gives you over two-thirds extra storage space by vacuum-sealing your clothes. Designed by Yejee Lee, Jongchan Mun, Seobin Oh and Woneui Hong, the Pumpack has a vacuum pump built into the handle.

Step 1:

Pack your clothes and soft items in a vacuum bag inside the case…

Step 2:

Hand-pump the handle…

Step 3:

The handle sucks the air out of the bag, which compresses your clothes…

Step 4:

…so you can use the extra room to pack souvenirs and liquor.

Cool, huh?

The Pumpack comes with an expandable hood, too, so you no longer have to pay a child to sit on your suitcase when you’re packing.

Pumpack space saver

True, vacuum travel pumps are already on the market. However, you need to buy the vacuum pump separately. Great when you’re packing at home. But after you’ve vacuum-sealed your suitcase, you won’t have any extra room in your suitcase to pack the pump for your trip! So the pump makes you pick: do you bring the pump or more underwear? It’s much like Sophie’s Choice.*

That’s why the Pumpack is so great. It solves your packing conundrum by building the vacuum right into the suitcase itself.

The designers claim it will reduce the volume of your luggage by 70%. The Pumpack is such a simple, clever invention that it won the Red Dot Award for design concepts. Here’s hoping this prototype will get into production soon.

The only down sides I can see:

1)    Weight. Vacuum-sealing your contents won’t change the weight of your luggage or the ridiculous fees airlines charge for bags.

2)    Wrinkles. Your clothes will make it look like a trained Thai elephant sat on you because you tried to run out on your Phuket bar bill.

3)    Mess. If you accidentally pack your toothpaste (or a small cute animal) in the vacuum bag, vacuum-squishing them will make one helluva mess.

— Ken Hegan

*Actually, it’s not like Sophie’s Choice at all, is it.

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