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So it’s Valentine’s Day and if you’re a guy in a relationship, you’re stressed (unlike Fred and Barney here who are curiuosly chilled out).

Let’s face it, guys: every move you make today and tonight will be heavily scrutinized. Not necessarily by your girlfriend or wife…but by her girlfriends. Do too little for your lady and she won’t be the one who dumps you…her friends will by insisting that she can do much, much better than you.

V-Day is a minefield for guys. Don’t believe me? Just look at Facebook. Notice how many of your female friends are posting love-related stories today? Now count how  few guys are posting Facebook updates today. My guess: either the guys are laying low till the whole day blows over. Or, right now, they’re standing outside a restaurant/bar and desperately trying to hail a taxi on one of the busiest date nights of the year.

Which brings me to a story out of Bangkok today that I can only attribute to Valentine’s Day stress.

Bomb specialist

Bomb specialist examines the blast scene in Bangkok

According to this local news story, at 2pm today an Iranian man hurled a bomb at Thai police officers on a street called Sukhumvit 71, outside Kasempithaya School. Unfortunately, the man must be a terrible thrower (either that or Fate decided to give him a really really bad day), because the bomb hit a tree, bounced right back at him, and exploded. Five people were injured, including Our Favourite Bomb Throwing Suspect #1. Truly an awful afternoon for him and the people around him.

So why do I think this is related to V-Day?

Well, that’s because the police bomb wasn’t the first he threw this afternoon. According to one TV news report, the same guy was carrying a black bag as he tried to hail a taxi….just like so many other guys will be trying to do outside of restaurants and bars tonight.

Alas, this Iranian fella got really frustrated when a taxi driver wouldn’t pick him up…so he threw a bomb AT THE TAXI. The bomb exploded, damaged the car and injured the cabbie. Yep, just an awful day to be near this guy.

As mentioned above, that’s when the cops rushed onto the scene. So the guy took out another bomb and threw it AT THE COPS. Fortunately for them, the bomb bounced back off the tree (it was a rubber tree, presumably) and went BOOM near the Iranian. He lost both his legs in the blast. Well, he didn’t lose his legs. More like…they lost him.

Now…I hate to add insult to injury here. But now that this guy is physically handicapped, too, (A) his anger will shoot through the roof because (B) taxi drivers are definitely going to discriminate against him now.

— Ken Hegan

P.S. Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to the innocent victims. Also: don’t be afraid of visiting Bangkok. It’s a wonderful city that, after today’s mayhem, has one less jerk on the streets.

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Images: The Bangkok Post and Hanna-Barbera