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Travel improves you.

When you travel well, you’re not just excited by where you go, you get excited by the person you become. You’ll become more worldly, open-minded, more interesting, and infinitely more attractive (well, as long as you protect your looks with sunscreen and condoms).

Yet no matter how interesting we become on vacation, how come our actual identity papers (i.e. our luggage tags) are so boring?

Think about it: when was the last time you saw a stylish, beautiful, or amusing luggage tag? I’ve flown into dozens of airports and seen thousands and thousands of suitcases. But I can’t remember a single luggage tag that made me stop and think, ‘Wow, the owner of that suitcase must be a true individual who’s living a colorful, fascinating life.’

Let’s face it: the vast majority of luggage tags are bland paper rectangles jammed into tediously beige plastic sheaths. They’re so horrible looking, we should be ashamed to label them with the names of our worst enemies. I mean, considering how deadly dull our luggage tags make us appear, they should be toe tags in the City Morgue.

Clearly the world needs sexier luggage tags. Which is why I love the luggage tags created by Boston-based company ‘Of the Fountain’. Their “custom-stamped” brown leather tags are a unique and playful way to make your Samsonite stand out on the baggage carousel.

Jane Duncan

From a distance, they almost look like dog tags that hang from the veiny necks of commandos and Navy SEALS. But look closer at each tag, and you’ll see nice touches like a blue rhinestone attached to the leather.

You can order a vertical or horizontal tag that hangs from a metal ring or suede cord. You can also order tags with inspirational sayings, like this one:

Life is a journey

Or this literary quote:

Not all who wander

My favourite comes with this quote from gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson:

Buy the Ticket
Prices range from $13.45 USD for one, 2 for $24.95, or $84.45 for 10 small leather ID tags. Shipping costs $3.95 USD to a Canadian address and takes 5 weeks.

WARNING: if you want one or more of these nifty tags for your spring vacations, order them TODAY. On March 1st, 2012, the company’s owner, Brandy, is closing her shop for two months so she can fill her backlog of orders, get married and, you know, go on her own vacation for a change.

A typical tag measures 3.5” X 2” (9 cm X 5 cm), and you can customize each tag with whatever name/info you like. Which is nice. So you don’t have to settle for a tag that gives you embarassingly sexy nicknames like this one…

Long Duong

— Ken Hegan

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Images courtesy Of the Fountain

To see more of Brandy’s artistic tags, visit her Flickr page.