NY TaxiOh, man, do I love this short little film! It’s big fun, check it out here.

Here’s the background on this video:

1) Qualcomm makes cell phones.

2) Apparently their new cellphone, Snapdragon, has a long battery life.

3) To demonstrate its awesome powers, the company decided to shoot a short and quirky video with the phone … while sending it AROUND THE WORLD on a single battery charge.

The resulting 2-minute video is great fun. It starts filming in L.A., then the camera gets shipped around the world to visit nine cities in eight countries: L..A, Mumbai, Brooklyn, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, London, Paris, and Moscow. And again…they didn’t have to recharge the phone once.

Which is a helluva lot better than the feeble battery on my otherwise kickass iPhone 4S.

But the really fun part of this Snapdragon video is the imagery it captures in each city.


To the beat of OK Go’s White Knuckles (a cheery Prince-like dance track), the filmmakers use clever camera angles to create fun little optical illusions. For example, in Brooklyn, a cartoon New York taxi cab appears to be floating in mid-air…but as the camera moves, we see the taxi split in two to reveal two depth-perception paintings. Very clever.


— the camera is mailed to Mumbai, India where three distant men appear to be flicked over by a large human hand in the foreground. Then WHOOSH —

— the camera is shipped to a sand dune in Dubai where a giant red balloon (in the foreground) is ‘punctured’ by distant people who are blown over by the explosion.



— the camera is shipped to Shanghai, China where a distant woman appears to be taking (and spinning inside) a steaming bath in a bowl of tea in the foreground.

And so on, all around the world. By the end of this video, the camera has travelled a total of 58,438 kilometers…all on a single battery charge.

I won’t tell you any more about the video. Just watch, enjoy, share with your friends…

…and imagine the fun you can have with camera angles in your next travel video.

— Ken Hegan

To watch the official video of OK Go’s White Knuckles, click here

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Images courtesy Qualcomm

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