Here’s an odd/inspired idea for a travel website:

Picture a social networking site where you ask a foreign stranger to jump on a plane and bring you whatever you want, right to your door. That’s right: the stranger becomes your mule.

The website’s called mmMule and their tagline reads: ‘Get anything you want from anywhere in the world by rewarding a traveller for delivering it’.

What could possibly go wrong?

mmMule is the startup brainchild of three “travel-obsessed expats”: CEO Andrew Simpson from Sydney, Australia, and two Irish siblings, Avis and Alan Mulhall. Their site’s ‘About Us’ page says they’re “passionate about building a community that will forever change the way people travel and get stuff delivered.”

According to their site, it’s a win-win deal: either you “get anything you want from anywhere in the world,” or if you’re the mule, you “experience authentic, local travel experiences, not to mention make awesome new friends from around the globe.”

Now, you might be thinking ‘Clearly, this is either a front for a drug cartel or a far-too-vague escort service’. However, I’ve searched this site thoroughly and I didn’t find anyone who would bring me drugs or sex. Not even this guy with the hollowed-out guitar. And lord, how I tried.


I did, however, find these actual delivery requests:

Under the category ‘Beauty and health’ products, a woman named Henni in Toronto is looking for something special. She wants you to bring her toilet paper from Germany. Apparently they’re all out of paper in Toronto. I had no idea.

This is what Henni looks like:

She looks pretty desperate, hey? Someone better bring her some paper STAT. In return, she says she can offer “reimbursement plus drinks or coffee” and if her schedule permits, she’ll happily show you around Toronto. After she’s finished her paperwork.

Meanwhile Shane in Tulsa, Oklahoma wants someone to bring him a “taxidermy frog playing musical instrument” from Mexico. He’s very specific about the Mexico part. Don’t even try to bring him a taxidermy frog playing musical instrument from China. Shane has standards.

In exchange, Shane will get you coffee at his local cafe and/or get you something in return. He figures the musical instrument should cost about $5-10 US.

Down in Sydney, Australia, a chap named Dom wants someone to bring him socks. He doesn’t care where they’re from, but they must be “stylish ones please.” As your reward, he will give you “a few drinks.”

There are more requests. Many, many, mmmore.

Check them out … or post a Want ad yourself. It’s a free service. Just be sure to follow their safety tips. You can also read their mmMule blog here.

Oh, and no matter how much you want to, you’re not supposed to ask someone to bring you weapons, pornography, stolen goods, animals, fireworks, blood, bodily fluids, or body parts like Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box.

Other than that…would you do it?

— Ken Hegan

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