Why are your tents so boring? You’re not a dull, beige human, so why cloak yourself in a lifeless home that looks like you’re curling up in a one-colour coffin?

Break free from MEC’s tyranny of bleak gray, khaki, and blue cocoons. Try something new this summer, like, say, a giant barbecue side dish.



This limited edition tent (only 195 exist), entitled ‘What a Melon’, costs a very precise $781.68.

It’s sold by a fun-looking company called FieldCandy. Their tents are designed in Italy, but shipped from their headquarters in Jersey off the rain-lashed coast of Normandy. So they know a little something about how to stay warm and dry. At least on the inside.

The inner tent is made of cozy cotton to thwart condensation, and apparently the aluminum poles are made via “environmentally friendly production.” Not sure what that means, exactly. Maybe these melon tents are compostable and good for your garden.

Outside the tent, this 2-person tent looks wet enough to pour vodka into and suck it up through a fat straw. Granted, it’s luscious polyester shell could make you a victim of deer nibbles and squirrel gnaws while you sleep. But that’s a small price to pay for the bliss you get from pretending you and your camping buddy are just two tiny seeds suspended in pulp.

Three more favourite FieldCandy tents:


Yep, it’s a bubble-wrap tent. Same technical specs with a slightly lower price: $702.72. The only major difference is that this tent encourages your camping neighbours and/or local hillbillies to either (a) pop it like a zit, or (b) take a good run and fling themselves at multiple bubbles to make ’em POP-POP-POP-POP-POP! like a machine gun.


Welcome to the savannah. Travel tip: NEVER get out of the Land Rover…unless you can successfully disguise yourself as a predator.

If you can afford $781.68 for this fine feline shelter, you’ll never want to change your spots.



Just what you’ve been waiting for: a tent disguised as a brick wall. For ‘just’ $623.76, you can finally know the pleasure of climbing inside a chimney that’s dry on the inside, and impenetrable from the outside. The only danger with this tent is you always need to sleep with milk and cookies, or else you’ll wake up to find a pissed off Santa Claus in your lap.

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After that, if your thirst for tenting originality still needs quenching, what tent design would you love to see?

— Ken Hegan

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Images courtesy FieldCandy