Worried about terrorist attacks on domestic soil? Of course you are.

To keep the terrorists from winning at their deadly game, you need to be in the best shape of your life, soldier. And have I got the perfect boot camp for you.

It’s called ‘WEEK OF HELL’ at Extreme SEAL Experience — and this is no family trip to the aquarium.

Seal chopper

Based in Chesapeake, Virginia, Extreme SEAL Experience is a military-style, Navy SEAL boot camp for civilians such as doctors, cops, ministers, teachers, and wannabe marines, rangers, special forces, guys interested in parachute rescues, and future SAS soldiers.

First off, you know the Extreme SEAL Experience is actually extreme because their website is relentlessly kick-ass. Next to a photo of a camo-clad, face-painted warrior who looks like Jesse the Body Ventura in PREDATOR, their logo features a skeleton frog riding a deadly three-pronged spear.

Extreme Seal Experience

Secondly, you know this is seriously intense Navy SEAL training because of what their website says they are NOT:

“Not a “Set in Stone” typical jerk-off course run by many companies”

“Not ANY classroom lectures designed to waste time.”

“Not a bunch of overly cautious and timidly run Boy Scout evolutions.”

“Not a bunch of unorganized idiot instructors teaching a bunch of BULLS***.”

“We don’t run Marine Corps Boot camp with screaming Instructors and trainees “Goose Stepping” around.”


Extreme SEAL Experience offers three courses this August, all taught by “100% SEAL Instructors”:
SEAL Advanced

Their basic course, it’s a week of gruelling exercise and tactical assault training that includes:

Hell Night, close quarter combat, patrolling, recon, pistol/shotgun training, “TARGET ASSAULT, KILL HOUSE”, rappelling, fastroping, helicopter cast, and “pool work” which includes “drown-proofing (!),” underwater knot tying, and breath holding, plus so many pushups and situps, you’ll wish you were never born with a body.  (August 4-11, $1890)

SEAL Sniper

“180 degrees different from the SEAL Advanced course,” SEAL Sniper training includes:

“a BEAUTIFUL Beach House on the Resort Strip of Sandbridge Virginia for several days of Surf Passage, Long Range Boat Transits, Stealth and Concealment Exercises and plenty of Sunrise Beach PT [physical training], Advanced Training in Tactics, Close Quarter Combat, Patrolling and Combat Weapons Marksmanship, Rappelling, Fastroping and Helicopter Cast” (August 11-18, $1890)


Seal water fightThis course is billed as “5.5 days of constant physical exercise, long-distance movement, unparalleled mental stress and complete bodily exhaustion” and, of course, includes even more hell than the Advanced and Sniper training you see above (August 19-25, $3,275 )

In short: take any of these courses, and the SEAL instructors promise to “push you 10 times farther than you think you can go.”

Wondering who’s running this horror show?

The owner of Extreme Seals Experience is retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley.

He served in eight SEAL Platoons, was Platoon Chief in five, and was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Heroism during a Search and Rescue Mission. Shipley lead ops in Bosnia and Liberia, set records for “immense water and land demolition shots and running High Risk training courses,” and is an explosive expert who has taught police departments in “Booby Traps and Improvised Explosive Devices.”

Shipley sounds like the kind of hardnosed war vet who’d be happy to take your course money, then teach your classmates how to kill you with a spoon in 5 seconds. Instead, he says he wants to inspire men to be their best. On his website, Shipley says he wants “guys to have fun and learn…some guys idea of a vacation is to challenge and push themselves; to see what they’re made of.” Plus they promise to “feed you like a fat man.”

A typical night at Extreme SEAL Experience is as follows: you get a “sunset mission brief” then you “cammi up, patrol to target, assault target. Objective: Win. Rules: None.”

Good times!


Foreigners, guys who wear glasses, the “Near-Blind, Deaf,” and guys who have cancer, asthma and diabetes” are also welcome.”

As Don himself says, “If a man tells me he can do this course, then HE can do this course and I won’t stand in his way.”

One caveat: you don’t have to be Superman to participate but you do have to be in decent shape. Also: Extreme SEAL Experience seems to be only for guys aged 16 and older. The site only refers to “man,” “men”, “guys,” and “Do you have the balls?”

Well, do you?

To book your holiday in hell, visit extremesealexperience.com

— Ken Hegan


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