People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But what if you live in a glass bubble tent?

These spherical, see-through tents are called BubbleTrees. Created by French designer, Pierre Stéphane Dumas, the tents are four meters in diameter and attached to an entry tube that looks like a decontamination chamber.

BubbleTree tent 1
Apparently the French can’t get enough of them. Numerous French campsite-hotels, like Attrap’Rêves, are offering luxury camping adventures inside Dumas’s domes.

The Attrap’Rêves tents are located in the beautiful forests of Bouches-du-Rhone, just 12 kilometers outside Marseille. Starting at 109 euros per night, you can gaze up at the stars from inside your own transparent bubble. It’s like sleeping inside a snow globe.


The tents are made from recycled, UV-reflecting material. The bubble acoustics reduce outside sounds, while an echo inside the sphere encourages you to speak softly or go slowly insane, I guess.

Each dome, by the way, is actually a balloon. The hotel’s website says a “silent blower device” keeps it filled with air [Note: their website’s all French so I’m relying on Microsoft’s Bing Translator to tell me what they’re saying.]

If you look down on them from the tree tops (like an eagle trying to determine if you’d make a tasty dinner), your sleep pod and decontamination hallway looks like either a crash-landed astronaut capsule, or a beaker that tipped over to spill toxic chemicals on the forest floor.

BubbleTree beaker
Inside your balloon, there’s a big bed, night stand, reading lamp, colorful blankets, and heart-shaped pillows, surrounded by plastic walls. So not only can you get a 360-degree view of the nature you’ve come to enjoy, your dome is also a great way for wild animals to watch you have sex.

After your public (and no doubt steamy) love-making display, pull on plush robes and take your sweetheart for a champagne soak in the nearby jacuzzi (a bottle of champagne costs an extra 40 euros). There, let your cares slide away like leaves and pine cones slipping down the sides of your dome. And if Mother Nature turns nasty, don’t worry about your dome rolling off in a windstorm or flash flood. The domes are safely parked on wood decks.

Want a massage in the forest, but hate to lie down on a dirty, buggy forest floor? No problem. The hotel will set up a table inside your dome to massage your cares away. Meanwhile, frustrated mosquitoes will glare in at you with envy and rage as they bang impotently against your dome.

BubbleTent forest

Each bubble has its own theme identity. Choose from Zen, Nature, Glamour, 1001 Nights, or Chic & Design. Some are 100% see-through, while other bubble tents have opaque bottom quarters.


Want to learn more about this unique hotel? Alas, their website’s all in French, but here is how Bing Translator describes their tents:

“A resolutely cosmic and poetic experience… A moment to live in two…A haven of choice for a marriage proposal, anniversary meeting or an original gift. Great mellow, only bed in the world, a sky dotted with diamonds of light ceiling…The Nature made her show!

At nightfall, touch finger the sky! Here, everything is designed to not wanting to close the eye! Chuut, here is the Moon that points its nose, fly quickly to the country of dreams and the gentle fantasy…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What do you think of these tent domes…are they stunning or ridiculous?

— Ken Hegan

BING: how to use Bing Translator to translate foreign travel websites

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