At long last, here are the World’s Most Precious L’il Travel Films.

Art of Packing

Louis Vuitton has released an interactive packing guide entitled The Art of Packing.

It’s basically a website of short films that give bird’s eye views of precisely how to fold your fine linen shirts, suits, and loafers. In your own handsomely-appointed Louis Vuitton suitcases, of course.

The French fashion house has made the site interactive. Click different buttons on the screen, and you can select different tips on packing either their classic Alzer suitcases, rolling suitcases (Pégase), or their keepall totes.

In brief, these films are syrupy cute and entirely useful.

Here’s how the tips work:

First you choose your region/country, then you pick your luggage of choice. A short film begins to show you (purely through visuals) how to fold a dress, jacket, pants, skirt, blouse, cardigan, sport/polo shirts, jumper, and jeans.


Not only do the films show you how to save space, they show how to avoid getting wrinkles in your tuxedo for when you attend the summer opera in Austria.


There’s no narration, so the films are useful for anyone who has a Louis Vuitton bag, no matter what elite country club you’re jetting to. Alas, the films don’t include tips on how to afford their luggage.

WARNING! The soundtrack is a frothy, bouncy, bossa nova instrumental that makes the website sound like every meet-cute scene in a Wes Anderson film. In other words, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

So be warned … you’ll be humming the track — and dreaming of luxury jaunts to the French Riviera — while you practice packing in your sleep.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for the can’t-miss hit sequels ‘The Art of Parking’ by Lamborghini and ‘The Art of Snubbing’ by Burberry.

— Ken Hegan

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