Drink a lot? Wife locked you out? Here’s my MSN story on a tent/sleeping bag you wear as a jacket.

WARNING: may contain Dutch ovens + hobos on the run.

Lazy/hard-drinking campers: I’ve stumbled across your ideal tent.

The JakPak is a jacket that hides a secret (and wearable) sleeping bag and tent.

The JakPak is billed as the “world’s first all-in-one waterproof jacket, tent and sleeping bag”. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of jackets.

Here’s how it works:

First, slip into this fashionable jacket which comes in sickly green and vodka-passout black. There’s also an attached hoodie for you to hide your face from rainfall, predators, and other bullies.

Now reach behind you. Feel around on your lower back, and you’ll discover your sleeping bag is tucked up behind you with velcro. Pull the bag down and step right inside. The jacket comes with suspenders, too, which helps support the weight of your sleeping sack.


Now, without losing your balance and falling on your face, reach back over your shoulder. Feel that pocket? Reach inside and you’ll find a tent attached to the back of your jacket. Now pull the tent over your head. Then lie/fall down on the ground, spread the mosquito netting over your legs, and voila, you’re camping!


The JakPak is flame retardant, weighs 2-3 lbs, has an iPod loop, a 90-day warranty, and comes in Small, Medium, Large, or XL.

Alas, the sleeping bag is just a bag. Don’t expect any fancy padding at all. So if you want a good night’s sleep on the forest floor, you’d better find a soft landing for your spine, like a patch of moss or a herd of dozing deer.

And yes, it certainly looks like a hot and sweaty way to fall asleep in the woods. But the JakPak designer say it’s made of breathable yet waterproof urethane coated ripstop nylon/polyester fabric. Plus there are “pit zip” armpit vents so you won’t entirely smell like a fish left out in the sun.

Both the sleeping bag and tent deploy in seconds (and can be repacked in less than a minute). So if you’re trudging through the forest or searching for beer cans in a suburban alley, and you’re hit by a sudden thunderstorm, you can quickly stay warm and dry. You can even unzip the bottom of the sleeping bag and walk around freely. Well, as freely as you’ll feel while weaving around like a caterpillar standing on its hind legs.

“This would be great for going to get a soft drink or a beer at the football game,” says JakPak CEO Jim Rose.


Yes, imagine all the places you can wear your JakPak. It’s perfect for:

– hard partiers

– music festivals

– private eyes on stakeout

– watching kids’ soccer games in the rain (preferably your own kids)

– stalking your ex in a rainy city

– overnight lineups for Boxing Day blow-outs and tickets to the MuchMusic Video Awards

– hobos on the run

– army snipers

– narcoleptic hikers

– actor Fred Willard wears his JakPak to the movies*

– and in Jim’s instructional video, he says he’s been married “a few times” now. So he says the JakPak’s a great solution when you come home late at night, and your wife’s locked you out of the house.

Price: $199.99

Where will you wear your JakPak?

— Ken Hegan

*Legal: I may have made this up

BING: JakPak Deploy

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Here’s how to deploy a JakPak in 3 easy steps: