Sick of paying carry-on fees?

Get the Jaktogo … the special jacket that’s actually “wearable luggage.”


The Jaktogo is a multi-purpose jacket that secretly carries up to 33 lbs (15 kilos) of stuff in 14 mostly-hidden pockets. For just $109.99, you’ll save dozens of $$ in luggage fees, provided you don’t mind looking like a jackass.

Jaktogo couple

They’re washable, water and wind resistant, Here are two models wearing a brown leather Jaktogo (his) and a brown leather Dresstogo (hers).

Man and woman brown leather

Doesn’t she look beautiful?

It’s like she’s wearing a big bean bag chair or cleverly disguising herself as a buffalo.

Now here’s how they look after they remove their clothing and fold ’em down into tote bags.

Garage tote bags

Look how happy they are — and how small and cute her tote is!

And what a lovely underground garage they’re posing in. It’s almost like she’s smiling because she’s so darn charming, she managed to sneak 33 lbs of narcotics out of Peru.

The Jacktogo, Dresstogo, and yes, the Ponchotogo, were all designed by Irish engineer John Power because he hated paying exorbitant airline luggage fees. In the UK, it can cost $108 US to check a bag.

So instead of, you know, packing lighter, he went the other way. Power figured out how to make a jacket that could carry way more stuff. Basically he decided to trick the airlines into thinking he’s wearing a jacket, when he’s actually wearing a suitcase.

Here they are in lovely, form-fitting denim:

Denim jaktogo

Oh, and if you lose your clothes in a high stakes poker game, just wear the Jaktogo!


These Jaktogos can carry EVERYTHING:

Shoes. Computers. Children. Pets. The complete works of Shakespeare (hardcover). Rotary telephones.

Pizza for later. All the phone numbers that attractive strangers give you once they’ve seen you wearing your sexy coat-suitcase.

And, of course, your diary containing a lengthy list of things you’ll buy with the money you’ve saved on airline fees…

…once you pay off your $109.99 Jaktogo by smuggling packages for suspicious strangers.

— Ken Hegan

VIDEO: watch the Jaktogo in action!

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