By Ken Hegan for MSN Travel

WHOA! I instantly know what I want for Christmas.

Some genius has invented the Perfect Clothing to Help You Sleep on Planes. It’s called the Burton Sleeper hoodie and it’s so cozy and clever, it’s clear that hoodies aren’t just for snowboarders and gun-shot victims anymore.

It’s been around for a few years already, but I’m making up for lost time. Spun from warm & cozy cotton, polyester, and soft-hand fleece, the Burton Sleeper comes with:

1) An inflatable (and removable) neck pillow built right into the collar (!). The Sleeper hoodie pillow supports your head so you don’t wake up in agony after your chin’s been fitfully bouncing off your chest for an hour. So you don’t have to (A) bring one of those goofy neck pillows, (B)  try to turn a rolled-up sweater into a pillow but will just slide off your shoulders anyway, or (C) beg your flight attendant for a ratty old pillow that the airline got rid of back in 1982.

2) “Contoured Light Shield” to protect your sleepy eyes from the glare of in-flight movie screens

3) Ear plugs to block out the rivetting insurance salesman sitting next to you

4) A “Sound Pocket” with a headphone cable port. So your MP3 player can play you soothing sounds of crashing waves, Enya moaning, or singing humpback whales.

5) it’s lined with T-shirt cotton for extra warmth

Better yet, the Sleeper hoodie comes with a toothbrush (seriously) to scrape off your in-flight cotton mouth, plus a zippered ticket pocket AND an internal passport pocket to prevent the frantic, last-minute ‘Where the hell did I leave my ID and boarding pass?’ scramble when you’re running from plane to plane to train.

The Burton Sleeper hoodie costs $114.99, comes in a range of sizes from XS to XXL, and three colours: True Black, Pine Crest (a slightly cooler version of bridesmaid teal), or Heron Blue with some frankly fattening horizontal stripes.

Other sleep aides, such as sleeping pills, Sudoku, melatonin, warm milk, PowerPoint presentations, PJ bottoms, slippers, televised city council meetings, Twilight books, or any recent Tom Hanks movies, are not included.

— Ken Hegan


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