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Found a great study about women and men at airports. Researchers discovered women are nearly six times more likely to think that finding an airport power outlet for their laptop or phone is more important than finding an attractive, potential mate.

Now, I have no idea why a woman would try to pick up a guy at an airport. HE’S JUST GOING TO LEAVE YOU.

But it raises an excellent question:

Why are there so few airport electrical outlets? Does the airport need ALL their electricity to make Tim Horton’s coffee taste like under-boiled monkey butt?

Airport woman
She can sneak a hammer through security but she can’t find an airport outlet

The lack of juice is frustrating. Let’s say you have 7 hours of work to do on your computer. You’re boarding a 9-hour flight with a laptop battery that only lasts 4 hours (and even less if you listen to instrumental music while you work).

You’re stuck with a dead laptop for 5 hours on the plane, leaving you with negative-3 hours to finish your work, a.k.a. ‘A Level of Performance that Gets You Fired.’

That’s why I love the new Phorce travel bag. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the adventurer who has everything but power.

Phorce hanging

Phorce is billed as “the world’s first smart bag.”

Here’s why:

  • It has a hidden battery pack which will charge three of your devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones, cameras) at once. As their Kickstarter site says, “Say goodbye to dead batteries.”
  • Phorce can charge your MacBook up to 7 extra hours. Leave your bulky wall charger at home.
  • The lightweight battery pack (3.7 lbs. or 1.7 kgs) can charge a new iPhone over 8 times.
  • The bag’s water-resistant and has waterproof zippers, in case you pick up some guy in the customs line and take him to an airport hotel room where you spill wine and fluids everywhere.
  • The bag pockets are lined with a special fabric that automatically cleans your devices
  • Padded, anti-slip shoulder straps. So you won’t drop your bag when you’re running from airport security guards.
  • Phorce will come in four colours: dark green, red, black, and ‘voter’s choice’. Be sure to vote for a cool colour instead of teal, white, or puce.
  • Black suede handles with built-in magnets. So they neatly snap shut without destroying your computer’s hard drive.
  • Gear Guide: Power up with the Phorce travel bagPhorce communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. If you accidentally leave it with the airport masseuse, the Phorce bag texts you an alert. And because it’s Bluetooth, you don’t need data for it to work, so it’s free to use in Canada and abroad.
  • Move the handles around, and it transforms from a messenger bag to a backpack or briefcase.
  • After you buy a Phorce, you’ll become so insanely productive and attractive, strangers will buy you a hot red electric Tesla Roadster sports car, like the guy is driving in Phorce’s Kickstarter video
  • If this Kickstarter campaign raises more than $250K, they’ll throw in a complimentary international travel adapter kit. If they raise $750K, they’ll increase battery capacity by 10%. [According to Phorce’s Amsterdam-based CEO/inventor, Marijn Berk, he said they thought about blowing the extra cash on “champagne, strippers, sports cars, and diamond encrusted skulls” but settled on stronger battery life instead]
  • Phorce plugs into outlets and fully charges in 4 hours.

You can pre-order a Phorce until December 22nd for a special rate of $219 USD + $35 shipping for a total of $254 USD ($250 CDN). The first bags get shipped this March and April. Once they’re on the market, the Phorce’s retail price will be $349 ($344 CDN).

Still need convincing? Marijn gave me this terrific reason for getting one of his smart bags:

Phorce slips over handles“You’re a secret agent behind enemy lines – on the run from an evil mastermind who’s planning to destroy the universe. You need to make a crucial phone call in exactly 12 minutes to organize an airstrike, and afterwards you’ll need your iPad to give a presentation at the United Nations, but both batteries are dead,” wrote Marijn.

“You grab your Phorce bag, plug in your phone and tablet, transform it into a backpack, and jump on your Ducati to race to the meetup point. You call in the airstrike, escape the country, and arrive at the UN just in time for your presentation, and with a fully charged phone and tablet. You transform your Phorce bag from a Ducati-friendly backpack into a business-friendly briefcase, give a great presentation resulting in world peace, leaving people wondering who should win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize: you or your bag.”

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