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This businesswoman is writing a tipsy thank you note

If you’re not getting enough action on airplanes, there’s hope. Virgin America wants to be your wingman.

Virgin will soon let you send a drink to that hottie across the aisle. You won’t even have to talk to him/her. Just press a button and the flight attendant will deliver alcohol to their seat.

According to a recent USA Today story, Virgin America’s “passengers can use the plane’s seat-back entertainment system to buy their neighbors a margarita, merlot, or maybe a shot of tequila.”

WOW. Virgin America’s ‘send a drink’ feature is a game changer that’s simply rife with possibilities. In the popular blog, Airports Made Simple, the author writes, “See a cutie in 11B? Send her a Cosmo! Does 24E look like a Scotch sipper? Order up a shot of their best whiskey! No progress? Keep sending them over. Someone will drink them. It’s a win-win. You: big points with 11B or 24E. The airline: more money. And everyone has a good time!”

Virgin America’s entertainment system is named ‘RED’. So when you see a stranger who desperately needs a drink, I’d call that a CODE RED emergency.

Now, I foresee a few problems with CODE RED.

Problem #1:

Virgin America offers you an ‘Open Tab‘ during their flights. So if you’re feeling festive, you may end up buying tequilas for the whole plane without noticing how massive your bar bill is getting.

Problem #2:

Sometimes extremely attractive people (like you) just want to have a quiet nap, right? If the flight attendant constantly interrupts you with free shots, you could get highly annoyed. Happens to me all the time. Ladies, just let me finish the beer I already have, okay?

Problem #3:

If ‘send a drink’ proves popular, the bathroom lineup will be endless.

Problem #4:

If only good-looking people get free drinks, your flight will start to feel like Valentine’s Day in Grade 2 when little dimple-faced Jordan hogged all the VD cards.

For a menu of Virgin America’s drinks, click here. Their drink offerings include 35° South Chardonnay, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Funkin Margarita Mixer, and Veev Acaí Spirit.

Sadly, Virgin America flies to 19 destinations but none of them include Canada (they used to fly in/out of Toronto but that stopped in 2010). Here’s their current route map which includes hard-partying towns like Cancun, Fort Lauderdale, NYC, Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta, and my favourite, Los Cabos, located on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula .

Can you imagine being a reasonably attractive person on a Virgin America flight to Los Cabos? People will buy you so many free CODE RED drinks, you’ll be soused for days…and you may try to hug the Mexican customs agents.

Remember: if you do drink, know your limit and play within it. You don’t want to end up like this fella.

What do you think? Should more airlines let strangers send you drinks?

— Ken Hegan

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