By Ken Hegan for MSN Travel

Oh man, this invention made me laugh. If you have trouble sleeping on planes, trains, buses, and automobiles, just strap your head to your seat.


The result: you’ll fall into a deep and stable sleep without waking up every 10 minutes with an aching neck and a puddle of drool in your lap.

This ingenious device is called the “Relax ALLY Travel Restband”. According to their Indiegogo page, this strap “helps you to relax and sleep while traveling in a sitting posture.” Here’s a video that demonstrates how it works.

Their company mission is “to get this product available to the travelers around the world. To backpackers, businessmen & women and holiday lovers.”

After buying this product, falling asleep becomes a simple, three-step process:

1) Fasten the headband to your seat with a snap button

2) Move your head around inside the strap to get the perfect fit

3) Close your eyes and sleep like a sitting baby. You’ll never again have to toss and turn like this poor hipster:

Bad sleep

The Relax ALLY Travel Restband is no doubt inspired by the torturous scene at the end of A Clockwork Orange where the government cures a thug’s violent tendencies by strapping his face to a chair and forcing him to watch awful scenes of violence.

The big difference here is that your eyeballs won’t be propped open as you peacefully dream of your restful vacation ahead. Plus the Relax ALLY Travel Restband works equally well if you want to prevent yourself from binge drinking. This hard-drinking Icelandair passenger could’ve avoided being duct-taped to his seat if he just strapped his head to his seat before takeoff.

It costs a mere $39 U.S. and comes in its very own carrying case. To order your headband today, visit the product’s Indiegogo page. Their crowd-funding goal is $45,000 and if they reach it, they aim to deliver your headband in a month’s time. Then you can fall asleep anywhere, even on the ground like this scruffy backpacker:

Man sleeps on boat

What do you think…would you like to strap your head to a stationary object so you can fall asleep on planes and floors of ferries?

— Ken Hegan


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