By Ken Hegan for MSN Travel

If you’re searching for an offbeat Valentine’s Day idea, how about sex on a private jet?

A London-based adventure company has launched a ‘Luxury Mile High Club’ experience that lets you “get rude with altitude” aboard a sky high Cessna jet. For £4,999 ($7,785 CDN), adventurous couples get a 1-hour sex flight at 5,280 feet (1,609 metres) above the lovely south coast of England. Oh, and if you’re still randy after 60 minutes, “extended flight times can be arranged.”

Airplane ride

He’s the best at giving airplane rides

According to the organizers’ site (which features a sly photo of a rocking jet), you get “complimentary chocolates, champagne and innuendo on request,” plus “your choice of music (provided it’s Barry White).” I guess when it comes to sky bonking, Barry really is your first, your last, your everything.

The boot-knocking sky ride is the brainchild of which specialize in “Experience Days and Gift Experiences’. They’re the same geniuses behind Romantic Break for Three (that’s right…a romantic getaway for threesomes), Zombie Shopping Mall, where you arm yourself to battle a zombie menace, and Riot Training Experience, where you dress like a riot cop to beat the crap out of rabble-rousing street punks.

According to, you can now “fulfill your filthy flying fantasies” on their “fleet of love jets flown by expert (read: broad-minded) flying aces.”


I contacted’s co-founder, Richard Kershaw, who says their mile-high flights are a first in the U.K. (there are similar sky rides in the States such as this one in Cincinnati). Kershaw says he came up with the idea while sitting in “a crappy economy seat on an 8-hour flight” and he saw a couple sneak off to have sex in the loo. Annoyed yet inspired, he thought to himself, ‘Hmm, clearly there’s a need that has to be met.”

Wish jetKershaw’s mile high flights take off from a private airstrip in Farnborough, Hampshire. After a cocktail in their VIP lounge, you board a saucy little six-seater Cessna Citation CJ2 that he says is “more commonly used to transport pop stars or CEOs.”

The deluxe flight includes catering for two and an open bar. If you don’t mind paying more, Kershaw’s team says you can request “silky pillows, luxurious linen with an erotically high thread count, soft lighting and scattered rose petals.”

Oh, and they say you can bring your own sex toys but “just remember that all electronic devices must be switched off for take off and landing.” Then close your eyes and think of England.

When I asked him to guess who his first customers may be, Kershaw replied, “We expect customers to be bankers, businessmen and celebrities – the kind of people used to flying on private jets, have the money to spend and – crucially – like to take a few risks in life.”

“There’s something sexy about air travel,” says his site, “Whether it’s the shape of the fuselage, the legal fabric restraints or the complimentary sparkling wine, nothing gets our mojos working quite like it.” Not to mention “the magic combination of boredom and booze. Who wants to watch reruns of House for 12 hours?”

What do you think…if money was no object, would you join the Luxury Mile High Club?

— Ken Hegan

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