By Ken Hegan for MSN

VintageWant some fun travel inspiration?

Build these Vintage Suitcase Shelves and it’ll feel like you’re being attacked by flying luggage.

This clever and cheap use of discarded baggage was created by Ki Nassauer, editor of Flea Market Style magazine.

To help you build your own, Nassauer graciously includes instructions.

No, you don’t ram the suitcases through the wall. You have to saw off the parts of the suitcases that you don’t want. It’s like you’re mounting trophy animal heads, except if you do it right, there won’t be much blood.

DSC02149_largeThere are five basic steps to building these shelves:

1) Collect stylish old suitcases at a flea market or second-hand store

2) Saw your luggage down to size

3) Build mounting panels out of wood

4) Hang your suitcase shelves onto the wood panels

5) Grin as your friends jealously ask where you found the World’s Greatest Shelves

For similar DIY instructions on how to transform suitcases into shelving, this guy has posted excellent instructions.

Or if you prefer to pay thousands of dollars for your travel-inspired furnishings, check out these Vintage Suitcase Dressers.

— Ken Hegan  

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Photos courtesy Ki Nassauer