By Ken Hegan for MSN

Want a fun way for your suitcase to stand out on the luggage carousel? Force it to wear a skin-tight body sleeve.

A Dutch company, SUITSUIT, sells bright and fun suitcase covers that look like a 3D sticker or custom air-brushed paint job. But it’s actually tough & flexible fabric that stretches tight around your suitcase like a onesie on a fat baby, or a sweater vest on a bloated, hungover hipster.

SUITSUITCOVERS fit most rolling suitcases (2 or 4 wheels) between 68 and 82 centimeters in height, and come in dozens of eye-popping designs. My five favourites:

#1) Boombox



#2) This is My Suitcase!

This is

#3) Giraffe

(because I’m tall and freckly)


#4) Dollars

(because it’s motivational)


#5) Deep Sea

(because it’s fun to lie to people’s eyes)

Deep sea

According to the manufacturer, these suitcase covers “protect your suitcase against dirt and light damages.” They also “make your suitcase instantly recognisable on the luggage belt” which is certainly true until everyone buys one after reading this column.

SUITSUIT also claim their covers are “eco-friendlier than the foil used at many airports to seal suitcases” — but that’s a bit like saying your gas-guzzling F150 pickup is ‘eco-friendlier’ than burning a dumpster full of oil because the F150 has a green logo on it that says ‘Ecoboost’.

Each SUITSUITCOVER costs 24.95 Euros ($32.61 CDN) and can be ordered here. The company also sells luggage tracking devices, artistic travel pillows, and designer rolling suitcases.

Like what you see? If not, be constructive and suggest an even better design that they should do instead.

— Ken Hegan  


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Images courtesy SUITSUIT