By Ken Hegan for MSN

Almost camping season. Need to replace your tent that the bear/Sasquatch destroyed last summer?

Get this Cocoon Tree tent, and you can hang above the beast and tease it from on high.


The Cocoon Tree tent is a bubble-shaped tent that you hang from trees using 12 suspension cords. It’s sort of like the Tree Tent (which means it could become a piñata for bears and hillbillies swinging shovels) except Cocoon Tent is spherical and white.

“Ever dreamed of nesting in a tree? Your dream can finally come true with Cocoon Tree,” reads their website. “In harmony with nature, you will connect with sensations forgotten since the modern world consumes us today.”


The Cocoon Tree tent is 3 meters in diameter (approx. 10 feet), accommodates 2 adults and 2 small kids, has an aluminum frame, wood floor, mosquito netting, weighs 120 kilograms (264 lbs), boasts a custom circular mattress and duvet, and looks like a space capsule or an undersea diving pod. It can also come with an AC or heater unit if you plan to quit your job and move to the forest. Oh, and apparently it comes with a built-in bar…how else to explain her cocktail?

Woman in dress

Gotta say: any tent that can attract a day-drinkin’ blonde woman in a peasant dress is all right by me.

Cocoon Tree was designed by Frenchman Berni Du Payrat who told the Daily Mail he was inspired to create it after looking at an ostrich egg.

Cocoon Tree is built from waterproof Korea tarpaulin (basic version) or Ferrari high quality tarpaulin (deluxe version). So you can relax in the knowledge your tent is safe from the elements, while you greet the valley crosslegged on a cliff.


They also make a Cocoon Tree Beach pod to shade you from the French Riviera sun (good luck getting this into your hatchback):

Beach hottie

You can buy a Cocoon Tent or beach pod for personal use, or if you own a hotel or beach resort, you can install it as an extra guestroom. When I asked for a list of hotels they’ve sold to, Cocoon Tree spokesperson Guillaume Lamazere said he couldn’t reveal their customers yet.

“They were sold to luxury resorts that do not wish to communicate on this,” he said. “There are also a few that are being installed right now for the summer season in southern France.”

I’ll keep an eye on their locations and will let you know when and where the cocoons pop up. Meanwhile, to help you assemble your personal Cocoon Tree tent, their website includes a how to video. Warning: they’ve sped up the footage to hide the 3-4 hours it takes you and your spouse to assemble this bubble in the rain while your kids are soaked, moaning, and crying.

But if adventure is what you’re seeking, Cocoon Tree is the shelter for you.


It will certainly give you an epic view of the world that you just can’t get on the ground. And unlike a ground tent, your suspended bubble means you avoid ground moisture, bumpy roots and gravel, pests and bugs (that can’t fly), blood-thirsty zombies, and rowdy campers who can’t climb.

The downside? You’ll be easy prey for tree-dwellers like the Predator and creepy masked monkey waiters. Oh, and there’s the luxury price tag that starts at $7,955 US which includes the tarp and sleeping pack. The tent ships from Vietnam so you’ll also pay for transport, import duties, and any VAT.

What do you think…is the Cocoon Tree tent a good idea?

— Ken Hegan


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