By Ken Hegan for MSN

Got nothing to hide?
Sprayground, a NYC apparel and bag company, has already unleashed a see-through ‘Stacked Bullets’ weekender duffel bag and their gangster loot bag, a.k.a. Money Stacks duffel.
Now they’ve unveiled their latest challenge to airport security experts. It’s called the Exposed X-ray Vision Backpack and it seems to invite everyone to inspect your loot.
Backpack full
I love this bag. And so will airport X-ray guards when you try to sneak it through their scanners.
This peekabook packsack is a collaboration between Sprayground and the NYC-based celebrity sunglasses & fashion designers (and twins) Coco & Breezy. Here’s a photo of what these twins look like.

Coco and breezy
Yep. They’re way cooler than you or me.

Inside_bag-1Instead of bones, ligaments, and that gum you swallowed when you were 5, their X-ray packsack appears to contain handcuffs, a can of spray paint, brass knuckles, headphones, eyelash curlers, blue and green nail polish, a passport, hairbrush, diamonds (or is that crystallized powder?), studded Christian Louboutin high heels, and a pack of gum (or are those pills?).

And since the twins are renowned for creating funky studded sunglasses, their Sprayground packsack features a clip-on sunglasses pouch.

The X-ray packsack makes a lot of sense for young travellers, since they’re already baring all their most private and intimate moments on Facebook and Twitter. The packsack’s also a cheeky way of telling airport security guards that you welcome their frisking and are happy to help them search your stuff for contraband.

Either that, or it’s a bold attempt to distract guards from the real contraband you’re smuggling inside your hollow leg or that hidden compartment in your skull.

Price: $60 US at Coco & Breezy’s site or $121.99 CDN if you prefer to pay a lot more through

What do you think…will this backpack start a trend of X-ray inspired luggage?

— Ken Hegan


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Photos courtesy Sprayground and Coco & Breezy