By Ken Hegan for MSN

Sir Richard Branson wants to be your wingman at 35,000 feet.

This week his Virgin America airline unveiled an in-flight service that lets you send free drinks and meals to passengers you think are smoking hot.

Here’s a picture of Branson holding a woman he found on one of his planes:

Branson and babes

Sir Richard Branson, billionaire playboy      Photo: Rex Features

Branson’s freshly-unleashed service is part of Virgin America’s Red entertainment system. It’s sort of like a boozier version of KLM airline’s ‘Meet and Seat‘ option where you use Facebook to harass — I mean ‘select’ — a stranger to sit beside.

To promote his drink-delivery scheme, Virgin’s founder and CEO stars in a promo video entitled ‘Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky‘. And yes, he refers to himself as ‘Sir’ in his video.

In the promo, the bearded billionaire addresses the camera while a laugh track chuckles at his supposed hilarity. You can watch his rather self-absorbed promo here

Branson and Branson

Sir Richard Branson talks about himself       Screen capture: Virgin America video

… and the shorter version here.

Seat to seat

Sir Richard Branson helps you get lucky/annoyed        Screen capture: Virgin America video

Branson basically hands you a 4-point plan for picking up babes:

1) Spot a hottie

2) Send a drink to his/her seat

3) Add a mischievous message for the hottie to read

4) Leave the plane arm in arm

“I’m not a betting man,” concludes Branson, “but I say your chance of deplaning with a +1 are at least fifty percent. Best of luck up there.”

[Note: he leaves out the part where your Visa bill arrives a month later and you have to pay for this fun/harassment]

Virgin’s in-flight drink-delivery service was launched to commemorate their L.A. to Vegas route. It’ll be available on all of Virgin America’s continental flights.

YouTube commenters don’t seem wowed by the new service. As the top-ranked commenter says, “…hitting on people in an enclosed space where nobody can possibly leave if they’re made to feel uncomfortable for several hours is obviously a really good idea…”

I know this much: flying coach just got more annoying for drop dead gorgeous guys like me.

What do you think…is seat-to-seat cocktail delivery a great idea that’ll become a huge hit? Or is it a stalker’s dream, created by money-grubbing creepers, that’s doomed to crash-land in flames?

— Ken Hegan

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