By Ken Hegan for MSN

Ever wonder what your flight attendants do on their days off?

So do other flight attendants. Fortunately, there’s a social network to remove all the speculation.

Bibafly is a private social network that helps aviation crews to socialize on layovers. Basically it’s like an exclusive Facebook for pilots and flight attendants to secretly plan their weekend-long toga parties in Rome. Based on their Facebook promo cartoon (below), Bibafly thinks it’s a Wingman Superhero.

Pilots and attendants can download Bibafly for free to their iPhone, iPad, or Android. In their iTunes writeup, Bibafly claims it “provides you with all the information you need to make your layover and the day-to-day much more easy & fun.”

The app’s blue-and-white colour scheme is similar to [let’s say ‘inspired by’] Facebook and you collect friends just like Mark Zuckerberg’s site.  But on their website, Bibafly describes how their app is much more than just a Facebook for randy flyboys to poke cute stewardesses.

Bibafly says pilots and flight attendants can use their app to share tips on the “coolest places in town,” rank restaurants, form and join events, “buy tickets for the hottest events,” use a layover calendar to make (ahem) To Do lists of/with other pilots and flight attendants, and “look for people that share your interests.”


You can also use Bibafly to find out when flight crews are overnighting in Tokyo, so you can break into their condos and rob them blind.

Pilots and flight attendants can also use Bibafly to find transportation options at their destination (so they don’t get hosed by a greedy airport taxi driver), “get access to special offers and promotions,” and use Bibafly as their private Craigslist to “let other people know what you are selling, renting or offering” and “get info about household assistance, kids’ schools, etc.”

According to, Bibafly’s Spanish development team contains both developers and airline professionals (past and present). Bibafly has also partnered with Pigafe (TLabs here) to offer city tours and experiences.

944660_367754126667697_1475823803_nJudging by their animated promo video, Bibafly thinks flight crews will use their app to arrange elegant cocktail gatherings on Parisian patios while everyone’s still wearing uniforms on their day off. But I suspect Bibafly will chiefly be used for dating and discreet Bangkok hotel hookups.

As for their claim to being exclusive to pilots and flight attendants, all I know is this:

I don’t know how to fly a plane or even how to point out the exits. But I signed up for Bibafly without any problem, reference check, retina scan, or cavity search. It’s so easy, even a pilot stalker can do it [Legal: please don’t ever do that].

Check out Bibafly’s promo video here and download the Bibafly app here.

— Ken Hegan


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