By Ken Hegan for MSN

There were two remarkable recent pilot stories.

The first happened on a JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to Boston on Monday night. The flight took off shortly after the visiting Boston Bruins upset the heavily-favoured Pittsburgh Penguins, destroying the flightless fowl by a whopping 6-1 in the Penguins’ home rink. Brutal.

Crosby down

Seems the JetBlue pilot was a Bruins fan…and the plane was full of Boston media. So the pilot took a playful jab at Penguins’ superstar Sidney Crosby. According to CBS Boston, there was a crying baby on the plane, so the pilot went on the loudspeaker and asked, “Is that Sidney Crosby in back of our plane!”

[Note: Crosby is having a wretched series against Boston so far. Zero points in two games, lots of giveaways, and critics accuse Crosby of complaining too much to referees.]

 Bruins-loving passenges were no doubt highly amused. But the same can’t be said for passengers on Air Canada flight 584 last week.

According to the Calgary Sun, the Calgary-bound flight left Newark without incident. Then somewhere over Toronto, passengers “suddenly felt the plane jolt and watched the drink cart release from the flight attendant’s hands, spilling beverages.”

Air CanadaA flight attendant came out to ask if a doctor was on board who could help with a “medical issue.” Then things got really scary. Here’s how passenger Dave Brown described the scene:

“The cockpit door opens and there is the pilot and he starts screaming and holding onto the airline attendant saying ‘Help me, help me,’” he told the Sun.

“I am seeing the pilot saying, ‘Help me’ … he was screaming, ‘Get me off the plane’ — you don’t want to hear that. He looked like he was insane, grey, dead eyes,” said Brown.

The pilot had to be restrained in a first-class seat while the plane diverted to Toronto to let him off.

Apparently citing privacy reasons, Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah refused to give any further details on the pilot’s condition.

Naturally I hope he’s okay and getting the treatment he needs to, well, STOP FREAKING PEOPLE OUT WHILE THEY’RE HURTLING THROUGH THE SKY.

Hopefully he wasn’t intoxicated or on drugs. Even worse, let’s hope he’s not a distraught Toronto Maple Leafs fan who’s still unable to cope with the Leafs’ historic, crushing loss to those same pesky Boston Bruins.

— Ken Hegan

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Photo of jet: Jeffrey Milstein / Rex Features

Photo of Crosby: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar