Ken Hegan is a Sr. Copywriter + Filmmaker who solves baffling crimes in his spare time.

Hegan on Breaking Bad tour

Hegan at Jesse’s house on the Breaking Bad tour ( Albuquerque, NM)


Ken’s a senior copywriter at Blast Radius, an interactive digital marketing and design agency with offices around the globe. Ken’s clients, campaigns, and pitches have included Starbucks, Nike, Disney, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, SaskTel, Expedia, Sun-Rype, Intuit, Clorox, Pine-Sol, Vans, Labatt, Knorr, Bud Light, BC Hydro, and the Canadian Tourism Commission.


Ken’s a Writer/Director with credits on 20+ TV series & specials broadcast on CTV, TSN, Discovery, CBC, CNBC/Slice. He co-wrote the Opening Essay for the Vancouver Winter Olympics (narrated by Donald Sutherland) which aired to a record 13 million viewers on CTV and TSN. He also wrote the Gemini Award-winning Superbodies series for the Olympics in both London and Vancouver.


A globe-trotting writer published in Rolling Stone and GQ, Ken has written popular travel columns for MSN and The National Post, and a relationship column for men’s magazine Toro. Plus his Grade 2 teacher said it was a pleasure to have Ken in her class. She now likes to visit him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ken docking the yacht in Belize         Photo: Jeremy McCormack


For his National Post travel column, Ken explored Kenya, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Israel, Spain, Colombia, Jamaica, Prague, and the Cook Islands. He’s also a pretty snappy dresser.

Need a superhero? Ken Hegan is your man/child.


Ken’s articles/scripts have been awarded three gold National Magazine Awards for Best Humour Article, a Gemini Award for excellence in Canadian television, and won/nominated for over 25 film/TV/print awards.

He has impeccable hot tub etiquette and claims to have tens and tens of fans.

Born:            Tierra del Fuego
Raised:        Caspian Sea
Educated:   Sierra Leone
Height:         6’2″
Weight:        210 lbs
Training:     Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Self Defense Firearms, Executive Protection Training
Languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog