In this Rolling Stone exclusive, Ken Hegan gets kidnapped by porn stars for a frathouse porn invasion.

Calli Cox kisses co-ed at Santa Barbara porn invasion party

It’s 9:50 p.m. on a warm saturday night. an unmarked van enters Isla Vista, a Santa Barbara suburb packed with tanned skateboarders and cyclists. Seconds from the beach and the University of California at Santa Barbara, Isla Vista is one of America’s hardest-partying neighborhoods; around 20,000 students are crammed into its high-rise towers, residence halls and frat houses.

Inside the vehicle are two Sony PD150 digital-video cameras, two cameramen, a bullhorn, a black Man-o-War Jumbo Jack sex toy, two pink dildos, pacifiers, bottles, diapers and, most notably, five wisecracking, business-savvy porn stars. This crew has been assembled by Shane’s World, a porn company from Van Nuys, California, that specializes in reality TV with a twist. Tonight they will be filming College Invasion, the first in a new video series. Asked about this evening’s action, a cameraman who calls himself Andy Treehorn says, “You’ll see some students humiliate themselves for the promise of oral sex. That’s always crazy.”

The van pulls up at a seven-bedroom former frat house located two blocks from the university. Three security guards monitor an overflow crowd of beer-swilling students. Starting with an initial top-secret guest list of 400 people, the party planner for Shane’s World, known as Justin Cider, has carefully whittled the crowd down to 150 photogenic students, giving guests the closely guarded address only minutes before the party. Provided they don’t pass out or get bounced for fighting, a select few will get to star in tonight’s “gonzo porn” documentary.

The van door slides open, and out bounds Calli Cox, perky blond porn star and publicist for Shane’s World. She grabs the megaphone and yells, “The party has arrived!” The crowd roars, and the video cameras light Calli’s way as she and her co-stars strut into the barren living room — no furniture, just a keg of beer, black tarps covering the walls and a sea of dirty-dancing drunks. When asked what he expects tonight, Ben, a twenty-one-year-old chemistry major, says, “A little fucking lesbian action, a little double-sided dildo.” He doesn’t plan on participating himself, though. “It’s like a pretty painting,” he says. “You don’t want to blow it by touching it.”

Ron Jeremy autographing breast

Porn star Ron Jeremy arrives to sign autographs

Calli is quickly surrounded by a screaming crowd of drunks. She whips out her bullhorn and asks for volunteers to strip down to their underwear. This is the modus operandi for Shane’s World: Loosen up the crowd with silly party games, humble a few guys, then use them as performers. Three come forward. Calli instructs them to strap on diapers and suck on the baby bottles and pacifiers. After a few seconds of highly subjective adjudication, she decides that Hagen, a twenty-one-year-old UCSB film major, makes the best baby of the bunch. His prize: a blow job.

Hagen looks anxious, saying, “No, no, no. I’m not going to get a blow job on camera.” Calli takes him up to a bedroom and whispers how great it will feel. Hagen’s friends mock him, chanting, “Don’t be a bitch! Don’t be a bitch!” But Hagen lets them down with “My mother would kill me.”

So Calli gives up, grabs the second-place baby, twenty-one-year-old Matt, and they enter a filthy, sweltering, windowless bathroom. Shane’s World co-owner, who goes by the name Brian Grant, follows with his video camera, along with Matt’s best friend, who locks the door behind them. Calli takes off her shirt. Kisses Matt. Then kneels at his feet.

When she’s finished with Matt, Calli bounces down to the living room for the breast-sucking competition. The rules: Calli and her petite brunet colleague, Taylor Rain, will bare their chests. Then a row of guys will take turns sucking their breasts. Best breastman wins a tag-team blow job. The security guards clear a circle around Calli and Taylor. Trevor, 18, a business student, wins the skills test, but he’s too drunk to get it up.

Danny Clayson BJHe passes his prize on to another contestant, his buddy Danny, 18. Eyes wide, Danny gladly whips it out. The porn stars gather around Danny’s midsection. Female students push to the front to get a better view. The crowd is roaring. Guys are high-fiving Danny. A kitchen table crashes under the weight of cheering spectators.

The action moves to an upstairs bedroom. Fifteen students watch Dez, a twenty-six-year-old Viagra-popping porn stud, as he rides Taylor doggy-style. As Taylor writhes and moans, Dez grins at the thirty students on the balcony outside. Their faces are mashed against the French windows, and behind them, forty more faces are straining to see over their shoulders. Three attractive female students cheer Dez on, smack his butt and hand him a beer. After twenty minutes of sweaty pounding, Dez gives up to drink beer with the students.

On the far end of the balcony, two dozen kids are also drinking beer but hiding from the video cameras. “Someday, your kid may be cruising the Internet and find you naked on a fucking porno tape,” says one of the students, Ray Anthony, 24. “Because video is forever.” Somebody tells Ray Anthony to lighten up, but he shakes his head and adds, “I want to be somebody someday. Because once you’re dubbed a porn star, you’re sociologically barred forever.”

Shane’s World was the brainchild of Shannon Hewitt, better known as Shane, a now-retired porn star who appeared in nearly 100 films — many of them directed by her one-time boyfriend, Adam Glasser, who is better known as the reality-porn pioneer Seymore Butts. When Shane and Glasser broke up in 1995, she launched her own production company and started shooting her own unscripted porn documentaries. After 1999’s Shane’s World, Vol. 18: The Roller Coaster of Love, Shane quit porn to start a family with her husband, Bobby Hewitt, drummer for the metal band Orgy.

In the wake of leaving Shane’s World, Shane was involved in a nasty trademark battle with two former employees: her personal assistant, a freckled redhead who goes by the name Jennie Grant, and Jennie’s partner, cameraman Brian Grant. (Even though these two make a large amount of money exploiting college students, many of whom are inebriated when the cameras are rolling, they are afraid to put their real names on their work.) When the dust settled, Jennie and Brian owned the company and agreed to license the Shane’s World name.

After the Grants took over, they moved Shane’s World into a lucrative new venue: college campuses. They started with Shane’s World, Vol. 22: Scavenger Hunt, secretly filmed at “two very popular Southern California universities.” With the success of that film, Brian realized that university campuses were a reality-porn gold mine, offering a deep pool of cheap and horny talent.

When asked what she thinks about Jennie and Brian’s new campus-porn flicks, Shane, who now has two young children, says, “It’s just wrong. College kids are there to do something with their lives. Whatever they do on that video will always be around. Their families are always going to know, and wherever they go and work, it’s only a matter of time until those people find out, too.”

Two summers ago, on a sunny morning in Tempe, Arizona, twenty-two-year-old Brian Buck was doing laundry in his crowded Arizona State University frat house. Suddenly, a stretch Hummer pulled up outside. A cameraman and three Shane’s World porn stars jumped out: Calli Cox, blond bombshell Bobbie and a token stud who called himself Tony Pounds. Dressed in a tight cutoff shirt and short-shorts, Calli explained to Buck and his Sigma Nu housemates that they were filming a sex scavenger hunt. Two teams of porn stars were racing around the campus, asking students to help them complete a sexual “to do” list. “We’re doing crazy stuff right now,” Calli said. As if that weren’t enough, she added, “We’re going to be naked, too.”

Buck and some of his frat brothers leapt at the opportunity. Calli persuaded them to strip naked and put on diapers. She then asked the students to stick a dildo inside her. So they did, and videotaped themselves waving to the camera. Next on the list: a dorm shower scene. Moist and nude, Calli called from the shower, “Who wants to make out with me?” Buck volunteered. He kissed Calli and Bobbie while his buddies chanted, “Buck, Buck, Buck!” Minutes later, Calli gave Buck a hand job in the hallway. Then he followed the porn stars out to the Hummer, stripped again and videotaped his buddies getting stroked off.

At the time, Brian Buck was executive vice president of the Arizona State University student body. But when Shane’s World, Vol. 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3 was released, the new ASU president, Michael Crow, blew a gasket. Concerned the incident would revive ASU’s image as a party school, Crow slammed the students’ behavior in a statement to the press and demanded a full investigation into the fraternity-porn video. Within hours, reporters were peeking through Buck’s bedroom window and phoning his parents in Portland, Oregon, for their reactions. Then the story broke on CNN. “That’s how my grandparents found out,” Buck says. They were watching TV with friends at their yacht club when CNN aired his three-way shower kiss. “There was so much anxiety that I was throwing up for the next two days,” he said. “I couldn’t eat.”

Though the students’ eyes were blacked out in the video, ASU quickly singled out Buck for sacrificial slaughter — partly because of his position in ASU student government, and partly because he was the only guy in the video whose name was chanted over and over by his buddies. Still, Buck refused to resign his vice-presidency. He told the Arizona Republic, “I’m not apologizing for anything I did. It’s not like this is Harvard.” ASU kicked Buck out of his Sigma Nu frat house, barred him from living on ASU property, prohibited him from university employment and put him on permanent probation. They also made him write four apology letters, do 100 hours of community service and write a twenty-page paper. Its somber title: “Reflections on Integrity.” After weeks of stress, legal hell and physical threats from students and strangers, Buck caved in and resigned his vice-presidency. “I will always be discriminated against and thought of in a poor light,” says Buck.

The Shane’s World office is in an industrial park on the outskirts of Los Angeles. It’s stuffed with toys, a heavyweight punching bag, and stacks of promo T-shirts, ski hats and DVDs. Video lights are aimed at a neatly made bed. Friendly but worried about bad press and angry parents, Jennie and Brian are both clean-cut and college educated. They claim their campus parties are providing a fun and healthy service for the youth of today. “Everybody wants to see movies that they can relate to,” says Jennie. “Our movies fill a certain niche. The college guys that are in our movies aren’t in regular adult movies. Guys in the business are beefier, have really large penises and are really buff. Most guys don’t look like that.” Brian adds, “I think college students like our sense of humor. We’re just like them. We’re the MTV of porn.”

For Jennie and Brian, the Arizona shoot was a revelation. “This is about the most fun we could ever have,” says Jennie. “Nobody else is really making adult movies that are geared towards the college audience. This was awesome.”

Taking another run at its huge success, Shane’s World flew to Bloomington, Indiana, in October. “We picked Indiana University because the Princeton Review ranked it as the number-one party school in the nation,” Calli says. With four female stars (Calli, Mallory, Belladonna, Evalyn) and two obligatory studs (Tex and Mr. Marcus), it didn’t take long for sparks to fly and flies to unzip. After the girls were kicked out of the campus radio station, WIUS, for performing cunnilingus on Evalyn while on the air, the performers drifted around the leafy campus. Evalyn picked up Alexander, a freshman, who escorted her and the film crew back to his dorm.

Inside Alexander’s room, Evalyn prophetically told the camera, “I definitely think we’re going to do some damage at this school.” She quickly blew the freshman before the resident manager chased the porn crew out and called the campus police.

Undeterred, Shane’s World dropped in on five parties that week. At the Roach Motel, an off-campus shack, Calli and Company fellated four Hoosiers lying side by side. The porn team then visited the apartment of Nicole, a freshman. There, Evalyn squeezed into a closet with Nicole and her roommate Jamie, where Jamie sucked Evalyn’s breast for the camera. After that, Nicole locked porn star Tex in a bedroom and, posing for photographs, she grabbed Tex’s penis while Jamie licked it. At another party, hosted by sophomore Josh Baxter, Belladonna and Mr. Marcus filmed an anal scene on Baxter’s bed while Baxter kissed Calli and told viewers, “I’m going to be a rock star soon. And this is going to be on VH1 Behind the Fucking Music. I’m going to regret this. . . . I’m sorry, Mom and Dad, I’m just trying to get my name out there.”

Six weeks later, Shane’s World, Vol. 32: Campus Invasion was released. And that’s when Bill O’Reilly stepped in, reporting the “dorm porn” story on his Fox News Channel show, The O’Reilly Factor. In the course of four shows, O’Reilly accused the IU administration of knowing about the porn tapings in advance but doing nothing to stop them. IU Chancellor Sharon Brehm refused to appear on the show to defend the school, so O’Reilly interrogated Baxter, Shane’s World spokeswoman Calli Cox, plus an IU associate professor who, out of 124 invited IU officials and instructors, was the only one who agreed to appear. O’Reilly huffed that “the administrators should be fired immediately” because of their seemingly “laissez-faire” promotion of porn. Then he played a scene from Campus Invasion.

According to a friend, that’s how the parents of one of the girls who partied with Tex found out their daughter was now an amateur adult-film actress. The girl’s mother phoned her in tears. The girl’s father made her sit and watch the entire tape with him, including hard-core scenes that don’t contain his daughter. Psychologists call this aversion therapy. When asked if this tactic successfully controlled her urge to touch porn stars, neither the girl nor her parents were willing to comment.

In an IU news release, Brehm slammed Shane’s World, stating, “These were deplorable actions by a company intent on exploiting the university and our students. These are sexual predators whose behavior violates all basic principles of common decency.” Calli responded for Shane’s World by saying, “One student told us he films his own adult movies in his dorm room all the time. These things happen on your campus whether we are involved or not.” Adds Brian, “It’s a fucked-up situation. Students should have the right to have a private life. I feel bad that they’ve gotten in trouble. That is not what we’re about. The schools made it worse for themselves by making it such a big deal. They’re the ones who got the press involved.”

Local police refused to press charges, so IU conducted its own investigation and chose to discipline two students, one of them, Alexander, the freshman who let Shane’s World enter his dorm. Alexander avoided expulsion but refused to reveal the terms of his discipline. When pressed, however, he expressed remorse about his moment in the porn spotlight, describing it as “a mistake that should never have happened, and it did, and I’m sorry that it did.”

Out in Arizona, Brian Buck is low on cash. His mom and dad are no longer paying his tuition, so Buck demanded money from Shane’s World. They offered him $500 for his troubles. According to Calli, he refused the offer and wanted them to pay for his three years of law school. Shane’s World told him to go pound sand. “He got greedy,” says Calli. Buck graduates from IU in May with a business degree. “There was a lot of things I wanted to do in my life that I may not be able to do now,” says Buck. “I wanted to go to law school and maybe be in politics. But what community would want me to represent them now? For years I will have problems, all because of a two-minute mistake.” Asked if he has any advice for the California students fresh on the reel, Buck says, “I wish I could warn those kids about what this is going to do to their life. I wish I could have my anonymity back.” He adds, “Without showing any ethics, Shane’s World has done severe damage to my life and many others’ for their own gain.”

Brian Buck in chains

Brian Buck poses shirtless for an Arizona publication

In December, concerned about the punished students, Calli Cox announced that the company planned to use a portion of its Indiana profits to establish a Shane’s World Scholarship Fund. “It just makes sense to do this, because we market toward the college crowd,” she said. To qualify for the porn scholarship “students must be eighteen and enjoy porn.”

In January, Campus Invasion won Best Gonzo Film at the Adult Video News Awards in Los Angeles. Although porn sales figures are notoriously inflated, Jennie says Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3 sold three times as much as their other titles, and Campus Invasion sold five times the normal amount. “Whether we got paid a dollar or a gazillion dollars,” she says, “it would still be an awesome job to have.”

For the company’s next project, Jennie says Shane’s World is always looking for invitations from college students: “If we get an invitation, we’ll be there in a New York minute.” Brian says students at one campus have just invited Shane’s World to visit their college town. Their inspiration? The Indiana video. “It’s all set up . . . and they say their parties will kick [Indiana’s] ass,” Brian says. “They even said they’d go in and take AIDS tests. They want to fuck the porn stars. This is something that every college guy dreams about. So why not make that happen for them?”

Danny has an epic hangover. it’s the Sunday morning after Shane’s World invaded Isla Vista. He squints an eye open, hugs his pillow and says, “Whoa, dude, I feel like shit. But I’m on top of the world. It’s a win-win situation.” Asked how he’ll feel when he sees himself in a porn video, Danny laughs and says, “I’ll just claim it wasn’t me. ‘I didn’t inhale.’ ” When told about the Arizona and Indiana students who got in trouble, Danny says, “Dude, [my school] isn’t going to give a fuck.”

Trevor stumbles in. “I’m buying it the first day,” he says. “I’m going to show it to everyone. I really hope the titty contest is in there, just so I can say I was in a porn. Just good times. Memories.” But he’s still upset that he passed on the blow job: “I regret it. And I will regret it for the rest of my life! It was two porn stars on their knees. I mean, just one is good enough, but two!”

Matt, who received a blow job last night, is a bit panicked but grins and says, “I was like, ‘Dude, I will kick myself in the face every day if I don’t do this.’ That was the meanest, wickedest blow job I ever got in my life. Probably will ever get. I totally felt like I was watching a porno. I was looking down at my dick, and I was like, ‘That is not my dick.’ ”

Unlike Brian Buck and his dashed political dreams, Danny has no desire for public office. But he wouldn’t mind a career in porn. (“If he contacts us, we certainly would give him a chance,” says Brian. “What he did at the party was very unusual and very difficult. To come while getting head from two girls in a crowded room with people shouting and high-fiving is very difficult, even for professionals.”) Jokingly, Danny says, “I think I’m going to be the next big thing.”

— Ken Hegan