Stewardress KLM

When it comes to offbeat Web promos, KLM is miles ahead of its competition. The Dutch airline has  embraced social media so warmly, they’re like those otters holding hands.

KLM has already created Web games for older passengers, and painted their airplane exterior with faces of their Facebook fans [which made the plane look like it mowed down thousands of people in a horrible hit-and-run].

Now, some of KLM’s promotions are creepy, like their plan to let you pick your own seatmate, or when they trolled their passengers’ Facebook profiles to find out why they were flying to a city. KLM then used that info to hand a personalized gift bag to the passenger when they arrived at the airport. Um, thank you for stalking me?

But KLM’s new promo is cute: they’re inviting all one million of their fans to dress like a KLM flight attendant. Yep, men, too.

The app is called Stewardress Yourself.

First you must ‘like’ KLM’s Facebook page. Then go down the left menu to click ‘Stewardress Yourself’. The screen asks, “Always dreamed of becoming a steward or stewardess? This is your moment to make a dream come true.”

You’re invited to “upload a portrait and Stewardress Yourself in one of 7 nostalgic KLM uniforms.” Place your face onto the neck of a stewardess to create an old-timey KLM postcard. Then you can post the pic for all your Facebook friends to see/shudder…and invite/annoy 5 of your friends to do the same.

Here’s how my photo shoot turned out…

Ken as KLM stewardess 

I think it’s got the chipper can-do spirit of the Golden Age of Travel. Pretty cute, hey?

Can I get you a scalding cup of coffee?

— Ken Hegan

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Images courtesy KLM