By Ken Hegan for MSN Travel

Need a cheap hotel room for an afternoon quickie?

Hotel is happy to be your wingman/woman. As their website says, they’ve begun offering “boutique and luxury hotels for a few hours, during the day” in two major Canadian airports and cities, in addition to their existing hotel discounts in the USA and Europe.

According to the Toronto Star, is now offering super-short hotel stays in Toronto and Montreal for 30-70% off the usual rates. It’s hyped as a service for business travellers and day tourists who simply need a clean room to nap, splash water on their face, and prepare for a daytime meeting.

Heh heh, sure, whatevvvvver you say, I guess you can’t openly promote yourselves as an online madame running a Japanese-style love hotel…not in this notoriously conservative country we call home.

I love that DayGuest exists…and I wish I’d thought of it first. If there’s an empty room (and burning need) that should be filled, then a business should deliver that service for maximum efficiency…especially since nobody’s getting hurt. If a hotel room is collecting dust between 1 and 3 pm, why not rent it out to clean-cut ‘business travellers’? It sure beats telling them to go have sex in a van or public park.

Hotel sex

“We already have over 100 hotel partners and are currently working on major chain deals,” Cohen said in a release quoted in the Star. “We’ve seen a lot of business being generated throughout Europe and the US with our offering and naturally extended it into Canada. We provide access to otherwise hard to find reservations and otherwise unaffordable luxury rooms, DayGuest removes the inconvenience and embarrassment of the process.”

Cohen added that he expected to help travellers who are “stranded on long stopovers at airports, cross border business trips, staff sent to locations where corporations have no office” as well as “couples that have nowhere else to go.”

I just checked to see if I could book a 2-hour sex room for a film shoot I’m planning in Vancouver, BC. Okay, okay, I’m kidding about the filming. Not that it matters, because DayGuest isn’t offering Vancouver hotel rooms (yet).

So far, DayGuest is only establishing itself in Canada’s original six hockey markets (Toronto and Montreal) but they do offer quickie rooms in San Francisco, Rome, Las Vegas, Milan, Miami, London, San Diego, Valencia (Spain), Chicago, Los Angeles, and Barga (Italy).

What do you think … would you use a day hotel for a romantic afternoon rendezvous?

— Ken Hegan  


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