By Ken Hegan for MSN

Are you addicted to sleeping on strangers’ shoulders?

Then get the new EZ Sleep Travel Pillow to make airplane sleeping a breeze.

It’s basically an inflatable wedge that isolates you from the passenger sitting beside you…so you can finally enjoy a private public sleep!


It’s much like a giant border wall that some Americans want to build to prevent some Mexicans from sneaking into the USA. The only differences are:

1) EZ Sleep™ Travel Pillow is a pillow, not a giant wall, so you can climb over it

2) To secure your EZ Sleep™ Travel Pillow, you strap it to your elbow rest. You can’t do that with a wall (yet).

3) Mexicans may like the EZ Sleep™ Travel Pillow

The EZ Sleep™ Travel Pillow’s website touts their product as the “world’s most effective travel pillow” and promises “the best sleep you’ll ever have on a plane.”

They also claim their product “stays in place,” “works in any seat’, and is “great for cars too.” They also think their pillow will be great “at the beach” — assuming your local beach is littered with random plane seats.

Bundle rollIt doesn’t just inflate, either. You can deflate it, too. Then you can fold it up into “an easy to carry bundle.”

This remarkable pillow, by the way, was invented by a fella named Tate Sayre who comes with a mischievous grin and wicked spiky hair. His website bio is terrific, too. Not only is he a “long time inventor,” he’s apparently an “idea man” with “three previous commercial product inventions.”

Who doesn’t need and respect a good idea man? But wait…is his idea for a seatmate-snubbing pillow better than those inflatable travel neck pillows?

Ha! The Idea Man laughs at the thought.

“No need to put that silly looking “horse collar” around your neck anymore,” says his website. “This pillow is simple, elegant, and effective…supports your whole upper body and not just your head. You instantly feel like sleeping. This is a game changer for people who fly and is soon to be the new high standard for airplane travel comfort!”

Works greatEZ Sleep™ Travel Pillow costs $24.95 and comes in any colour you want, as long as you want dark blue.

What do you think…is this pillow genius or crap? Think it’s any better than the ALLY Travel Restband or the Ostrick Pillow?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

— Ken Hegan

P.S. The EZ Sleep™ Travel Pillow (“the world’s most effective travel pillow”) is not to be confused with the ezysleep pillow which apparently is “the world’s favourite travel pillow”

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